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  • I have all styles for every body

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  • Pickle Kondor

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  • Monroe

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  • Use Pickle Ink for.

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  • Yeet

    Shadow_ DwShadow_ Dw3 päeva tagasi

    Gamer girl Cutie:3Gamer girl Cutie:33 päeva tagasi
  • I’m a fan

    Gamer girl Cutie:3Gamer girl Cutie:33 päeva tagasi
  • Hii

    Gamer girl Cutie:3Gamer girl Cutie:33 päeva tagasi
  • Fresh please use 5 dualies pls

    Mahiraj kaushikMahiraj kaushik3 päeva tagasi
  • My parent said if I can get 2k subs I can get 2 monitors

    Mohammed Abdur-RahmanMohammed Abdur-Rahman4 päeva tagasi
  • Fresh is a bot

    shayaan subhanishayaan subhani4 päeva tagasi
  • “Congrats to everyone who is early and who found this comment”🌈

    1 ꜱᴜʙ ʙᴇꜰᴏʀᴇ 2022?1 ꜱᴜʙ ʙᴇꜰᴏʀᴇ 2022?4 päeva tagasi
  • 5:37

    liam video gamerliam video gamer4 päeva tagasi
  • 8:15 if im correct those should have hit 😪 my boy fresh

    Ruben BothaRuben Botha4 päeva tagasi
    • Tour suppost ti be the human aim bot

      Ruben BothaRuben Botha4 päeva tagasi
  • GG

    Mohamed AlaouieMohamed Alaouie5 päeva tagasi
  • next do dual pitions i dont konw how to

    venom gamingvenom gaming5 päeva tagasi
  • Fresh's 4 fave words: What's up guys, Yes

    znoedznoed5 päeva tagasi
  • Who’s watching this when he bought 5 yeet lunger

    Arnjay DuplessisArnjay Duplessis5 päeva tagasi
  • Fresh are you dumb you do realize the island that has the sniper bomb that has has Rockets

    Jencarlos PerezJencarlos Perez5 päeva tagasi
  • 1:56 "I literally have to drop my meds after I use them". -fresh

    Logan HansonLogan Hanson5 päeva tagasi
  • omg

    JJ FishingJJ Fishing5 päeva tagasi
  • Play five nights at freddy's 1 please 🥺🥺

    Harvey ReedmanHarvey Reedman5 päeva tagasi
  • bring back reflex

    Shadow ECLIXEShadow ECLIXE5 päeva tagasi
  • Play five nights at freddy's 1

    Harvey ReedmanHarvey Reedman5 päeva tagasi
  • A wiser man once said I want 6 of em

    Andrew BroncoAndrew Bronco6 päeva tagasi
  • How much subs can I get in this comment correct amount (5)

    Godzilla productions gaming alsoGodzilla productions gaming also6 päeva tagasi
  • 52. That’s all I’m saying

    Jayden TaboneJayden Tabone6 päeva tagasi
  • "Russian music intencifies"

    Julio Mc LeanJulio Mc Lean6 päeva tagasi
  • Sometimes the guy on the little island next to craggy sells rockets

    johnnie 98johnnie 986 päeva tagasi
  • Both times he dies to a lever action shotgun

    Tarun MathewsTarun Mathews6 päeva tagasi
  • We don't talk about the second attempt

    DylanDylan6 päeva tagasi
  • Fresh pls send a friend quest to Ryleym9 I am a big fan pls send one pls it is my dream

    Ryley MasucciRyley Masucci6 päeva tagasi
  • I was so annoyed when he laughed on you you could probably beat him

    Ethan GornyEthan Gorny6 päeva tagasi
  • That was a dramatic introduction for sure

    Kyle1223Kyle12236 päeva tagasi
  • Try to do 5 yeet pistols

    Isaac HaszelIsaac Haszel6 päeva tagasi
  • 8:45 The true mark of a degenerate, using the laugh emote on a guy who nearly killed you with 5 rocket launchers.

    Your Average SpetsnazYour Average Spetsnaz6 päeva tagasi
  • Fortnite is trash because there so many sweets

    Midas مايدسMidas مايدس6 päeva tagasi
  • He has 5 but uses 1

    E TE T6 päeva tagasi
  • Fresh whenever u shoot the quad launcher once it takes away on rocket not two Like this comment so fresh can see this tip

    SHRALLENSHRALLEN6 päeva tagasi
  • In the first game when the last person on the u could have broken him down

    Abdul KhaliqAbdul Khaliq6 päeva tagasi
  • Wow stock buff

    VCGVCG6 päeva tagasi
  • Fresh pulled the lazarbeam strat by bush camping but he never realized hAvInG fIVe Of'HeM is the ultimate lazarbeam strat.

    Samoht 85Samoht 856 päeva tagasi
  • Hi

    Logan MaiLogan Mai6 päeva tagasi
  • y

    Colton ShriverColton Shriver6 päeva tagasi
  • A wise man once said “ what’s up guys, YES”

    Ben McIntoshBen McIntosh6 päeva tagasi
  • I love how fresh fights for his life but worries about the gold being wasted

    Evan KinlawEvan Kinlaw6 päeva tagasi
  • I put your creator code

    Fortnite boy 1011Fortnite boy 10116 päeva tagasi
  • 8:37 and that’s when fresh’s depression started

    Roblox Piggy playerRoblox Piggy player6 päeva tagasi
  • To whoever reads this,❤️ I pray you become successful❤️

    Gaming SequenceGaming Sequence6 päeva tagasi
  • That was the same person in end game

    Noah ZanellaNoah Zanella6 päeva tagasi
  • Quick maths

    David VelasquezDavid Velasquez6 päeva tagasi
  • Everyone lets get fresh 100k likes since he spent so much gold

    Ali da gamerAli da gamer6 päeva tagasi
  • My new math teacher: Fresh

    Mr. TikMr. Tik6 päeva tagasi
  • J

    Mr MoskiMr Moski6 päeva tagasi
  • Fresh could have got rockets from the guy who sells the boom sniper?

    King JulianZKing JulianZ6 päeva tagasi
  • Christ. This shit is overpowered af.

    Dewott Gen5fanDewott Gen5fan6 päeva tagasi
  • Imagine not subscribing to fresh

    Ayaan RahimAyaan Rahim6 päeva tagasi
  • Sypherpk did 3 and now fresh is doing 5 of these exotic rocket launcher challenge

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    Andrej FikilvAndrej Fikilv6 päeva tagasi
  • Fresh is gonna do it for every exotic even the sniper I think it’s still in game

    Mazen El saadaniMazen El saadani6 päeva tagasi
  • he shouldn't reload

    Julian BlalockJulian Blalock6 päeva tagasi
  • Hi fresh can you add djevam is my fortnite name please add me plssssssss

    the strotsthe strots7 päeva tagasi
  • Ho

    the strotsthe strots7 päeva tagasi
  • freash you was ging to say die bich

    Kaylene NelsonKaylene Nelson7 päeva tagasi
  • Insanely overpowering

    Kathleen BaswellKathleen Baswell7 päeva tagasi
  • i unlocked kondor yesterday and i already did the challenge for pickle kondor so i am proud owner of the pickle kondor skin

    K1LW4K1LW47 päeva tagasi
  • big brain idea. u should've had lazarbeam (lannan lol) hold the extra rockets so when u need more rockets lannan will give them to u 🤯

    izu Ethanizu Ethan7 päeva tagasi
  • I’ve literally never gotten the gold glitch. Maybe they bug you on purpose because they know you’ll do something stupid

    Paul KafantPaul Kafant7 päeva tagasi
  • Wasn't this actually supposed to be Lazar beam content I want five of them..

  • Go to the boom sniper place to get rockets FReSH

    Double Boom 11Double Boom 117 päeva tagasi
  • To exsplore and have fun!

    SecretbluefogSecretbluefog7 päeva tagasi
  • He is bad at math 4:07

    SecretbluefogSecretbluefog7 päeva tagasi
  • Fresh:I wANT 5 oF tHeM

    Jacqueline LopezJacqueline Lopez7 päeva tagasi
  • Fresh plays too aggressively, I myself am a twitch streamer and I play really aggressive but he just rushes people without ammo.

    Ryan PlaysRyan Plays7 päeva tagasi
  • Following his fathers foot steps I wAnat FiVe Of ThEm

    Feroz KaluFeroz Kalu7 päeva tagasi
    • Yes saifu baifu

      Abdullah KaluAbdullah Kalu3 päeva tagasi
    • Yes Abu babu

      Feroz KaluFeroz Kalu3 päeva tagasi
    • Yooooooo saifu loollllllll

      Abdullah KaluAbdullah Kalu3 päeva tagasi
    • Hi Abu replay

      Feroz KaluFeroz Kalu3 päeva tagasi
    • Hello its me

      Abdullah KaluAbdullah Kalu4 päeva tagasi
  • fresh got his maths wrong 26 x 3 = 78!!

    LESALLESAL7 päeva tagasi
  • "I wAnT Five Of Em" like father like son indeed

    Bak RideBak Ride7 päeva tagasi
  • U are leached at fortnite I learn from u

    Katie OsheaKatie Oshea7 päeva tagasi
  • thanks to fresh i know how to 1 shot every person with the fast boi launcher!

    Durell BushnerIIDurell BushnerII7 päeva tagasi
  • for easy gold go to wepping and destroy beds and each bed you get 20 gold

    Cody PolkCody Polk7 päeva tagasi
  • I LOVE FRESH. its always my dream to visit australie

    Angela van SchalkwykAngela van Schalkwyk7 päeva tagasi
  • Fresh I will beat fresh in a 1v1

    kriema Akakriema Aka7 päeva tagasi
  • break atms for gold in fortnite i tryed it and it works

  • wHaTs Up GuYs, YES

    InzaneAfkInzaneAfk7 päeva tagasi
  • The beautiful jacket yearly communicate because religion worrisomely vanish as a energetic caption. outstanding, piquant plain

    Duane WelchDuane Welch7 päeva tagasi
  • Fortnite: Hey lazarbeam you can get 5 of them Lazar: I WANT 6 OF THEM

    Maisj2008Maisj20087 päeva tagasi
  • Where you new vid

    Toheeb. Arcadius AdenugaToheeb. Arcadius Adenuga7 päeva tagasi
  • U should have done 5 dubs

    Aruto KANETOAruto KANETO7 päeva tagasi
  • Why don't you grind more gold

    Lior AmarLior Amar7 päeva tagasi
    • Idk

      scrper da goatscrper da goat7 päeva tagasi
    • Hi

      scrper da goatscrper da goat7 päeva tagasi

    Covert MemoryCovert Memory7 päeva tagasi
  • Who else getting ceeday vibes

    Balloon Boy on BatteriesBalloon Boy on Batteries7 päeva tagasi
    • Nah fam

      scrper da goatscrper da goat7 päeva tagasi
  • did anyone else see the "2000 years later" SpongeBob thing?

    legosoccer123legosoccer1237 päeva tagasi
  • You better use code fresh and subscribe

    A MA M7 päeva tagasi
  • I want 5 of em

    You TubeYou Tube7 päeva tagasi
  • Fresh i got an idea your not allowed to use guns until top 10 but u can use harpoon guns and heals

    Sebastian JamesSebastian James7 päeva tagasi
  • Hi everyone I'm a small streamer trying to get to 100 subs within the next few weeks if any of yous could sub to my channel I would really appreciate it link is down below

    WxnnaDurryMateWxnnaDurryMate7 päeva tagasi
  • Lazarbeam: I wAnT FIvE oF tHEm

    Bailey MacBailey Mac7 päeva tagasi

    Abdullah HamayunAbdullah Hamayun7 päeva tagasi
  • lets just thank that fresh does videos each day for his fans

    XD memesXD memes7 päeva tagasi
  • These are pub matches 👁💧👄💧👁🤠

    FizzycopperFizzycopper7 päeva tagasi