27 jaan 2021
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  • You are my fAv

    Shabnam mithwaniShabnam mithwani3 tundi tagasi
  • Fail fail fail fail

    Eli WenhamEli Wenham6 tundi tagasi
  • Fresh has daddy issues

    WrangWrang is meWrangWrang is me8 tundi tagasi
  • Yeet great vid bro

    WrangWrang is meWrangWrang is me8 tundi tagasi
  • Fresh is the best I love him

    Jared BartonJared Barton13 tundi tagasi
  • Notice at 2 min he has all three item slots filled :p, great job man!!! keep it up!

    Alexander donnerAlexander donner23 tundi tagasi
  • fresh automatically failed the first round. he used the 5th slot😒

    SedlesSedlesPäev tagasi
  • He said he did 11 separate even though he did ten😎😎😎

    Spenser McCauleySpenser McCauley2 päeva tagasi
  • Yeah I was thinking that he was using 5 slots

    Spenser McCauleySpenser McCauley2 päeva tagasi
  • At 2:03 he still has all slots filled

    Fresh FreshFresh Fresh2 päeva tagasi
  • You picked up a 5th weapon slot in game 1 lol

    Fred stedFred sted2 päeva tagasi
  • Hi fresh

    Leanne MaloneLeanne Malone3 päeva tagasi
  • Fresh:IT'S LITTERALLY 1:30 PM Me:looks at clock Clock:1:30

    Potatochip 1023Potatochip 10233 päeva tagasi
  • 6:37 it IS good 1st Game me 1st

    Gabriel KlarićGabriel Klarić3 päeva tagasi
  • Pls train me master pro fresh I'm on ps4 my epic name is most-record3 I'm not a pro yet so plz teach me to become you

    shotkosameshotkosame3 päeva tagasi
  • O

    Grant VippermanGrant Vipperman3 päeva tagasi
  • His intro should be: what’s up Gus yes, I forgot to use 4 slots today.

    TinysharkTinyshark3 päeva tagasi
  • 2:03 fresh has 4 slots challenge

    Perišič CZPerišič CZ4 päeva tagasi
  • He said drop your best weapon but it never said you could not pick it up again

    AcescapeAcescape4 päeva tagasi
  • Fresh u messed up

    Rosalyn MauricioRosalyn Mauricio4 päeva tagasi
  • Fresh you forgot about losing one slot

    Viper JuniorViper Junior4 päeva tagasi
  • Ay les go! My number didnt make you cry!

    7ven7ven7ven7ven4 päeva tagasi
  • Ok

    BMan ShartleBMan Shartle5 päeva tagasi
  • You lost the first game

    BMan ShartleBMan Shartle5 päeva tagasi
  • Go sub to badpro 2323

  • U should 1v1 Sensi who aggres

    Adopt MeAdopt Me5 päeva tagasi
  • Yep

    Seadna BillingsSeadna Billings6 päeva tagasi
  • Wait so lazarbeams real name is frank?

    The HappyMan_YTThe HappyMan_YT6 päeva tagasi
  • U used all 5 slots

    Joshua JonesJoshua Jones7 päeva tagasi
  • you cheated you had 5 items in inventory

    paper doodlespaper doodles7 päeva tagasi
  • fresh maybe you can make another one of these videos but when you do it you do it properly to prove yourself

    Rugbygam2GGRugbygam2GG7 päeva tagasi
  • ye fresh you said your stuck on 4 slots and u use 5 :)

    Rugbygam2GGRugbygam2GG7 päeva tagasi
  • U dum u use more 4 slots

    Emily GardnerEmily Gardner7 päeva tagasi
  • he did 8 damage with the tac

    Yandel RomanYandel Roman8 päeva tagasi
  • 7:02 I didn't even realize that was you

    Intercepticon .3Intercepticon .38 päeva tagasi
  • Same

    Mohamadabdul NureslamMohamadabdul Nureslam8 päeva tagasi
  • “Every elimination the game gets harder” *wins the game with 1 kill*

    EthanicEthanic8 päeva tagasi
  • Fresh: "I lose a slot for the WHOLE game" Also Fresh: Has 5 slots filled...

    Juan GellerJuan Geller8 päeva tagasi
  • Can I friend request pls fresh Y_mo_ fishy pls

    Y and vlogs YouTube channel bestY and vlogs YouTube channel best9 päeva tagasi
  • I have pickle kondor as well as you use code fresh use code fresh use code fresh use code fresh use code fresh use code fresh use code fresh use code fresh use code fresh

    Matijoon12Matijoon129 päeva tagasi
  • Wierdo

    Lucy CuteLucy Cute9 päeva tagasi
  • Why did you pick up the minis you lost an item slot

    luke -_-luke -_-9 päeva tagasi
  • This sounds so weird with no audio - Fresh

    DJ wolf 751DJ wolf 7519 päeva tagasi
  • Fresh love pickle wickle :) :)🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗. Sorry fresh IT was a joke 😉

    Jana SedliackovaJana Sedliackova9 päeva tagasi
  • Yep

    Ibrar MaskeenIbrar Maskeen10 päeva tagasi
  • He forgot about no 5 slot

    Darth DonkeyDarth Donkey10 päeva tagasi
  • it takes one word to ruin this video title

    Semden #69Semden #6910 päeva tagasi
  • even tho he couldnt lol

    Inspect ElementInspect Element10 päeva tagasi
  • he used 5 slots for the first round lol

    Inspect ElementInspect Element10 päeva tagasi
  • who the heck is FrAnK?

    Majin ChaseMajin Chase11 päeva tagasi
  • Rr

    Gabriela AlfaroGabriela Alfaro11 päeva tagasi
  • I was going to say the same thing

    Bridget GauklerBridget Gaukler11 päeva tagasi
  • Petition to make it so fresh has to redo the challange but acutaly only use 4 slots.

    HipixelSkyblockHipixelSkyblock11 päeva tagasi
  • "this sounds so weird without audio" Me: how do uu know it sounds weird if ur audio is off🤔🤔🤔

    Queen AriQueen Ari11 päeva tagasi
  • Bruh

    Rickard EddwaniRickard Eddwani11 päeva tagasi
  • Did he just take his 5th slot back?

    Alice AftonAlice Afton12 päeva tagasi
  • he lost the challenge by graving a med that made 5 slots 2:01

    leon playzleon playz13 päeva tagasi
  • Love the Content fresh🤍

    Game girlGame girl13 päeva tagasi
  • You are using all slots fresh

    clipzzticswalls georgeclipzzticswalls george13 päeva tagasi
  • Yay

    Sara ShankSara Shank13 päeva tagasi
  • 4:50

    RONALDO The goatRONALDO The goat13 päeva tagasi
  • 9:46 the end hahahahaaha

    RONALDO The goatRONALDO The goat13 päeva tagasi

    NO_FACENO_FACE13 päeva tagasi
  • Ya

    Ryan SniffenRyan Sniffen14 päeva tagasi
  • Fresh your such a sweat

    Gold ZombieGold Zombie14 päeva tagasi
  • You were supposed to lose an item slot but you were holding bandages will the items like you lost was

    Aaron LibertyAaron Liberty14 päeva tagasi

    Miles RaefieldMiles Raefield14 päeva tagasi
  • Fresh used an item slot to pick up a medkit

    Braydon Martin Year 4Braydon Martin Year 414 päeva tagasi
  • Hi fresh I'm a big fan can u add me my name is benjieats cake

    Sarah FinchSarah Finch14 päeva tagasi
  • Fresh says don't stand up when playing Me: Plays on controller so I stand up :)

    The british MEME lordThe british MEME lord14 päeva tagasi
  • I wana drop out of school So i can learn how to play profeshonal and maybe one day play with you🙏

    buble boybuble boy14 päeva tagasi
  • 2.05 he had his nono slot full😱

    pig oink oinkpig oink oink14 päeva tagasi
  • Who the hell is Frank

    Bob BurnquestBob Burnquest14 päeva tagasi
  • 5:56 this is why fortnite valued the tack in session 4

    Yesenia Magana-GaleanaYesenia Magana-Galeana14 päeva tagasi
  • Its always great to hear "What's up guys, Yes"

    David Daniel SeriesDavid Daniel Series14 päeva tagasi
  • you used 5 slots

    Rowen SaillianRowen Saillian14 päeva tagasi
  • Your using all 5 slots

    The Radical RandallsThe Radical Randalls15 päeva tagasi
  • Fresh: *having audio off Fresh: *wins game* this sounds so weird with the sound off

    Ruby InnitRuby Innit15 päeva tagasi
  • 666 dislikes noooooo why

    Aaron RazeyAaron Razey15 päeva tagasi
  • Wear your own skin again

    Rens DerksRens Derks15 päeva tagasi
  • Skrew the challenge for the lost one slot

    Jensen AndrewsJensen Andrews15 päeva tagasi
  • You cheated tbh if your not committed to the challenge maybe I should just unsubscribe

    Electrickiller 098Electrickiller 09815 päeva tagasi
  • Fresh forgot about the -1 slot punishment real fast lol

    Daniel Hahn ConradsenDaniel Hahn Conradsen16 päeva tagasi
  • Is it just me or did Lannan sound very very weird?

    Fudge VlogsFudge Vlogs16 päeva tagasi
  • lazerbeam is so difficult

    toeboi420toeboi42016 päeva tagasi
  • 9:44 vs 2:15

    Jaxson GamingJaxson Gaming16 päeva tagasi
  • Fresh*i have to lose a slot* um that never happened

    Mini BinkiMini Binki16 päeva tagasi
  • That sounds nothing like Lazar

    Bear TellBear Tell17 päeva tagasi
  • but its a good thing that we should stay in school

    Dead scar reactorDead scar reactor17 päeva tagasi
  • u cheated on the frist round you had 7 kills and your not alowed an item slot only four but you had five ???

    Dead scar reactorDead scar reactor17 päeva tagasi
  • Whos frank

    sLeNdEr MaShErsLeNdEr MaShEr18 päeva tagasi
  • 2nd challenge: only 4 inventory slots Fresh: I’m only gonna use 4 slots for the rest of the game Next kill: uses the full inventory

    RAWZRAWZ18 päeva tagasi
  • i’m dying he said it sounds so weird with no sound 😂😂😂

    Ye AYe A18 päeva tagasi
  • What's uup guy's yes

    OneZecOneZec18 päeva tagasi
  • Follow AaronFtowers on twich plllsssssssssssss

    Alexis RodriguezAlexis Rodriguez18 päeva tagasi
  • Anyone else realize the first game he was holding 5 items multiple tumes

    max Omenskimax Omenski18 päeva tagasi
  • At 2:32 he has 5 slots, not four.

    Eli KunstEli Kunst19 päeva tagasi
  • the purple shotgun did 8 damage on the head did anyone saw that

    quadraticAirquadraticAir19 päeva tagasi
  • "This sounds so weird without audio" IT LITERALLY HAS NO SOUNDS hahahaha

    MVEMTiger YTMVEMTiger YT19 päeva tagasi

    Coop da boiCoop da boi19 päeva tagasi