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  • He didnt even do las kill with pic

    Mr PopMr PopPäev tagasi
  • I miss last season

    Akhir MatthewsAkhir Matthews3 päeva tagasi
  • Thicccc

    GG gamesGG games4 päeva tagasi
  • What’s up guys no

    Nath KNath K6 päeva tagasi
  • 8:43 he uses launch pad

    Willem OleksijczukWillem Oleksijczuk7 päeva tagasi
  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Zeynep BulunZeynep Bulun12 päeva tagasi
  • Lol

    Zeynep BulunZeynep Bulun12 päeva tagasi
  • You just drink a cuggus that’s not a fish

    Zeynep BulunZeynep Bulun12 päeva tagasi
  • Fresh why you change a SMG less upgraded and it silent people won't hear the shotttsss

    Jesus LeonJesus Leon14 päeva tagasi
  • 8:16 little did he know, CARL would come along

    ToyBurgerToyBurger23 päeva tagasi
  • Aquaman has more powers than just talking to fish

    the Nintenbro gamerthe Nintenbro gamer28 päeva tagasi
  • u used a launch pad bruh

    Δημήτρης ΞανθάκηςΔημήτρης ΞανθάκηςМісяць tagasi
  • When someone realizes that fresh did i video with a thicc boy and not a thicc girl Me: Uhh that sounds a bit... weird?

    Marcus ConverseMarcus ConverseМісяць tagasi
  • you coulda did this challenge when coral castle was out

    Aidan ArmenianAidan ArmenianМісяць tagasi
  • Fresh is the best fortnite player ever

    Jade PaalanJade PaalanМісяць tagasi
  • 8:44 he used a launch pad!!

    Lily FreemanLily FreemanМісяць tagasi
  • fresh: we are going to get as many elims with the trident as possible fresh: gets 1 elim with trident

    Kadence RobinsonKadence RobinsonМісяць tagasi
  • He never said he can swim or run only can use sharks and boats

    godly_ghost_godly_ghost_Місяць tagasi
  • I also play fortnite

    Suryaveer In motion LOLSuryaveer In motion LOLМісяць tagasi
    • Really???

      FrizzieFrizzieМісяць tagasi
  • Yaaaa

    Çhøçläté -ŪwÚÇhøçläté -ŪwÚМісяць tagasi
  • Bruh u didn’t take the chug jug

    Travis HerreraTravis HerreraМісяць tagasi
  • Wait does everyone know that he used the chug chug. Honestly I would loose

    Mathew EWWMathew EWWМісяць tagasi
  • Lol so true

    Issaga DIssaga DМісяць tagasi
  • 2:02 did he not see the medkit

    AbhinavAbhinavМісяць tagasi
  • Hahaha I Would Not Want To Be Aquaman In Fortnite

    Zola MarslandZola MarslandМісяць tagasi
  • You you used a launch pad

    Megan PluckroseMegan PluckroseМісяць tagasi
  • His new thicc video is going to be thickest turd in fortnite

    Ethan GilleyEthan Gilley2 місяці tagasi
  • i know for a fact fresh's season 4 video will be thiccest new battle pass and thiccest new season

    Mr. DitkovichMr. Ditkovich2 місяці tagasi
  • It does but imagine drinking beer with the kraken

    DeathTrooperDeathTrooper2 місяці tagasi
  • he spelt thick wrong

    Tayla RobertsonTayla Robertson2 місяці tagasi
  • Fresh be thirsty kill doe

    Jamir FrederickJamir Frederick2 місяці tagasi
  • where is the chug chug

    squat cleansersquat cleanser2 місяці tagasi
  • My mans ate his own family

    Chris SharpeChris Sharpe2 місяці tagasi
  • He used the launch pad in game 2

    mc boi 12mc boi 122 місяці tagasi
  • Fresh:Only eats fish for meds Me:This is so messed up

    Lili MLili M2 місяці tagasi
  • you took minis secend times

    PIXIFIEDPIXIFIED2 місяці tagasi
  • I had to jailbreak outta restricted mode to watch this

    qoeourqoeour2 місяці tagasi
  • Hi

    Henry HopkinsHenry Hopkins2 місяці tagasi
  • Bro he launch paded

    Soham DangiSoham Dangi2 місяці tagasi
  • Don’t worry fresh, my cousin blew himself up with a gas can😌

    Chloe PlayzzChloe Playzz2 місяці tagasi
  • I wish you could keep the jag jag

    Gerald MremaGerald Mrema2 місяці tagasi
  • Whos watching this when atlantis is actually in Fortnite

    CanyonFall132CanyonFall1322 місяці tagasi
  • You forgot your chug jug

    Shaurya GauraangShaurya Gauraang2 місяці tagasi
  • For your next challenge I dare you to only use a rocket launcher for the whole game but you can use weapons until you get until you get a rocket launcher

    Ibby ZainIbby Zain2 місяці tagasi
  • Fresh:today we are only looting from Atlantis Me:were only looting from Carl lol

  • Lachlan called it😂

    Layla PhillipsLayla Phillips2 місяці tagasi
  • Fresh what clan are you on

    Matthew GonzalezMatthew Gonzalez2 місяці tagasi
  • Proper grammar fresh kids are watching

    Darrell SonyDarrell Sony2 місяці tagasi
  • When Fresh doesn’t understands the full extent of AquaMans powers😭😭😭

    Eizzyhill 223Eizzyhill 2232 місяці tagasi
  • He used a jump-pad, he wasn’t supposed to..

    LivingDed 31LivingDed 312 місяці tagasi
  • And here we are with another thiccccccccccccest video

    Rusty FossilRusty Fossil2 місяці tagasi
  • i was in the video lol 5:50

    FlamesHyperFlamesHyper2 місяці tagasi
    • Damn you suck.

      Adolf HitlerAdolf Hitler2 місяці tagasi
  • all freshes titles with a character thiccest________ in fortnite

    Jim FelixJim Felix2 місяці tagasi

    ZaGaZaGa2 місяці tagasi
  • This is the *THICCEST OCEAN IN FORTNITE* video in disguise

    Jaden VenesJaden Venes2 місяці tagasi
  • *laughs in coral castle*

    Jaden VenesJaden Venes2 місяці tagasi
  • He said it’s Atlantis 2 seconds later he call it the fortila

    Zekey Boi boiZekey Boi boi2 місяці tagasi
  • Why did you have to eat your people that are fish why did you not se d the fish into the water if aquaman saves fish?

    thunderboy thunderthunderboy thunder2 місяці tagasi
  • Nice Song

    Emil Svingen 07Emil Svingen 072 місяці tagasi
  • Hey I doubt anyone will see this,😔 I hate self promoting but I’m a small EEworldr But if one person reads this it will make my day☺️🙏 but to people reading this I hope you have a great life and future😎I know that fame doesn’t happen over night but I’m trying my hardest to become a successful EEworldr🏅Wish me luck!☺️🤞 Also if your reading this I hope you accomplish your dreams!🤞👍 {My Goal On EEworld: 10k

    vSaucnvSaucn2 місяці tagasi
  • Aquamans power isn’t just controlling fish or talking to them...

    NotryaxNotryax2 місяці tagasi
  • How come fresh does not listen to fishy on me? Its a fishy thicc dude video

    xxwolfxxxxwolfxx2 місяці tagasi
  • Who else wants to see fresh show his locker

    daniel piasiodaniel piasio2 місяці tagasi
  • I can’t wait till the adlantist to come out

    Killua Assassin AnimeKillua Assassin Anime2 місяці tagasi
  • This how much thiccccccccccccccccccccccnes fresh has ⬇️

    Reubz RBReubz RB2 місяці tagasi
  • my nija dropped the chug-chug lol

    Yaviel Ayala TrinidadYaviel Ayala Trinidad2 місяці tagasi
  • Why would aqaman wat fish

    David BejaranoDavid Bejarano2 місяці tagasi
  • Wurde in meiner letzten Runde so zerstört sieht ihr auch in meinem Video

    SxbxnSxbxn2 місяці tagasi
  • Fresh says it’s a sweat what is he??

    Callum BoiiCallum Boii2 місяці tagasi
  • Hi I am at your moms and I’m going to go see your mom 😈😈😈😈😈

    Abdur NawazAbdur Nawaz2 місяці tagasi
  • Hi

    LEW MOOMOOLEW MOOMOO2 місяці tagasi
  • It does suck

    Lili-Ella BushLili-Ella Bush2 місяці tagasi
  • Hi

    Andres LozanoAndres Lozano2 місяці tagasi
  • Why is everything Thicc

    JD does StuffJD does Stuff2 місяці tagasi
  • Doesn’t take the p90

    Bill NyeBill Nye2 місяці tagasi
  • wait what? atlanta’s ain’t a thing, it’s the fortilla😂

    ASMR girliegirlllASMR girliegirlll2 місяці tagasi
  • Freshman freshman can do what ever a fresh can

    Ruth GaddisRuth Gaddis2 місяці tagasi
  • To the 1% of people watching this enjoy the rest of your day your worth it

    Team ShadyTeam Shady2 місяці tagasi
  • Why are you always saying fake in your videos

    E.Vemom1E.Vemom13 місяці tagasi
  • Hi harley

    Nadia YounanNadia Younan3 місяці tagasi
  • Fresh “a win does not count without 10 kills.” Me “ so none of my wins count?”

    Heather PrackoHeather Pracko3 місяці tagasi
  • 6:25 nice

    Charles HurstCharles Hurst3 місяці tagasi
  • the chug jug bit is fake, like its just looped from the chugging all game video.

    Charles HurstCharles Hurst3 місяці tagasi
  • No one: Fresh: the thiccist(skin name here) in fortnite

    C DavisC Davis3 місяці tagasi
  • Fresh:Aquaman sucks I mean what kind of superpower is talking to fish. Megalodon entered the chat

    Shayal QaziShayal Qazi3 місяці tagasi
  • Anyone else getting sick of the “thiccest challenges”

    TashuddTashudd3 місяці tagasi
  • Lachy knew

    Floage HamFloage Ham3 місяці tagasi
  • Liters

    Nicholas HermosilloNicholas Hermosillo3 місяці tagasi
  • Nice fresh

    Nicholas HermosilloNicholas Hermosillo3 місяці tagasi

    Valentino ClanValentino Clan3 місяці tagasi
  • 0:34

    ok Seanok Sean3 місяці tagasi
  • Hi

    ok Seanok Sean3 місяці tagasi
  • Fresh: The only mobility I will use are boats and sharks. Uses launch pad [8:44]

    EBG JaydeenyEBG Jaydeeny3 місяці tagasi
  • Fresh: Nah we dont want a purple hunting rifle McCreamy: 😡👄😡

    Elleia LElleia L3 місяці tagasi
  • 1:31 the black nights pick axe was the raiders revenge (part of the renagaid raider)

    Adam IbrahimAdam Ibrahim3 місяці tagasi
  • Fresh: "Imagine having a super power where you talk to fish! That sucks!" Me: "Imagine not having any superpowers."

    Benson LeavittBenson Leavitt3 місяці tagasi
  • Aquamanrt !!!!!!

    The KhansThe Khans3 місяці tagasi
  • Says the only movement he can use is boats and sharks, meanwhile swimming!😂😂

    Cole CammarataCole Cammarata3 місяці tagasi
  • 2:21 FBI: hMmMmMmMm

    S E R GS E R G3 місяці tagasi
  • Hi fresh😎

    Lesley DLesley D3 місяці tagasi