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  • Fresh's First kill was on my AI Friend glad to see him be on a video

    DarkestDemon2005DarkestDemon20053 tundi tagasi
  • Chung li is thicc

    Elijah bowensElijah bowens3 tundi tagasi
  • Fun fact the second out fit for chun li is her alpha 1 out fit and ryus second out fit is from sv5

    ovenmittboyovenmittboy3 tundi tagasi
  • Literally why is ryu and chun in the game

    ovenmittboyovenmittboy3 tundi tagasi
  • woo, fresh Is RIPPED

    taha usmantaha usman4 tundi tagasi
  • Code zero when getting street fighter

    flame_ snugXDflame_ snugXD4 tundi tagasi
  • Why fresh cant deal with the skin?? Because he doesnt have an girlfriend

    H4ck3rRSSH4ck3rRSS6 tundi tagasi
  • Petition to add Sub Zero and Scorpion and maybe Raider from Mortal Kombat to Fortnite.

    Dhruv AnandDhruv Anand10 tundi tagasi
  • cool bro

    Kamela HoseinKamela Hosein14 tundi tagasi
  • Holy sh*t she thiccc

    TTV ryftTTV ryft15 tundi tagasi
  • I like how fresh pronouces my name right and my friends,classmates,parents dont

    Ryuichi ObataRyuichi Obata15 tundi tagasi
  • Code fresh

    Savage contrellSavage contrell18 tundi tagasi
  • Let’s goo for street fighter

    Savage contrellSavage contrell18 tundi tagasi
  • So uh dose this mean more battle cats views since battle cats collared twice with street fighter

    Catmaster101Catmaster10119 tundi tagasi
  • What the hell? Ryu skin plus hulk smashers is a clean combo

    No and NeverNo and Never20 tundi tagasi
    • @No and Never why would I be his skin color they should be his red gloves

      ovenmittboyovenmittboy2 tundi tagasi
    • @ovenmittboy true true but if those hulk fists were Ryu's skin color it would be a perfect combo

      No and NeverNo and Never2 tundi tagasi
    • Uhh no that's not a combo this is Crouching Light Punch, Standing Light Punch, Standing Light Punch, Crouching Heavy Kick

      ovenmittboyovenmittboy3 tundi tagasi
  • Fresh is to good

    Finlay DcruzFinlay Dcruz21 tund tagasi
  • When he was talking about the skin I died

    Guillermo RamosGuillermo Ramos21 tund tagasi
  • I love how when he sees ppl fighting he’s like “hold on wait for me” LOL😭🤚🏼

    Swaggyvrx xxSwaggyvrx xx23 tundi tagasi
  • What the song that fresh played when he played when he saw the girl skin 😂

    Mini RiceMini RicePäev tagasi
  • The fact all the streamers that have gfs cant have the chun li skin because of the huge as*

    Priscila BenicchioPriscila BenicchioPäev tagasi
  • Chun li be THICC for any of you who says thick instead of thicc then relearn rngliah cause you're wrong

    Death ShøtDeath ShøtPäev tagasi
  • Fresh please play tekken

    A MinA MinPäev tagasi
  • When in doubt use the Lazarbeam strat

    Muhammad IrfanMuhammad IrfanPäev tagasi
  • I'm King of fighters guy

    Mr. SusMr. SusPäev tagasi
  • my name on fornite is zoey6118

    hamsterhamsterPäev tagasi
  • POV: fresh says the wrong move the entire video

    FNS RainFNS RainPäev tagasi
  • Fresh: Surely I’m aloud to use fire fie gars Also Fresh: Doesn’t even take them

    JJ PullenJJ PullenPäev tagasi
  • 6:26 Fresh forgot to up special

    Curti 4444Curti 4444Päev tagasi
  • 5:29 voice cracks for sale one like

    Ashlyn DardashtiAshlyn DardashtiPäev tagasi
  • 3:10 ppl with subtitles... fresh says "one bot down". subtitles translated it as "one butt down" 😂🤣¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Alpha ZetaAlpha ZetaPäev tagasi
  • Stop the cap !!!!

    Micah HendersonMicah HendersonPäev tagasi

    Ramen_Reve16Ramen_Reve16Päev tagasi
  • If they ad doom guy im doing a genocide

    VortexVortexPäev tagasi
  • why in the thumbnail is he doing Kamehameha

    Noah WelchNoah WelchPäev tagasi
  • Dragon breath shotgun and flint knock are a good combo imagine he dose this challenge

    Josiah HidesJosiah HidesPäev tagasi
  • There is no right way to say ryu don’t worry

    Peter LaChancePeter LaChancePäev tagasi
    • No the right way is ree you

      ovenmittboyovenmittboy3 tundi tagasi
  • I like this video I hope you’re doing good

    PlaneCannon 5194PlaneCannon 5194Päev tagasi
  • she dumb thicc Fresh : 2021

    Emmanuel Hernandez OrtegaEmmanuel Hernandez OrtegaPäev tagasi
  • U can pronounce it rue

    W XW XPäev tagasi
  • That intro killed me XD

    caas the woofstercaas the woofsterPäev tagasi
  • Cap

    Could GamerCould GamerPäev tagasi
  • It's not dragon Ball z it's Street fighter

    Thomas HilderbrandThomas HilderbrandPäev tagasi
  • I this its ri u ?

    Xander BoothXander BoothPäev tagasi
  • It’s riyuw

    Adam PlaysAdam PlaysPäev tagasi
  • Sorry

    Adam PlaysAdam PlaysPäev tagasi
  • It’s ryu

    Adam PlaysAdam PlaysPäev tagasi
  • Pickle boogy poo

    LashRDLashRDPäev tagasi
  • Ayo bro anyone else looking at the lads feet Or just me

    Danny KenneallyDanny KenneallyPäev tagasi
  • The ceo if saying “YES”

    RED SUSRED SUSPäev tagasi
  • Fresh: DAMN BOY SHE THICCCC BOY Also Fresh: "I can't let Tessa see this" Then just take this part out the video.

    Speedy200Speedy200Päev tagasi
  • Did fresh just say he is a tekken guy??? I would love to see him play tekken

    Abdullah AftabAbdullah AftabPäev tagasi
  • 0:43

    King VenomKing VenomPäev tagasi
  • fresh i might of think you killed me before

    Marcus BurkeMarcus BurkePäev tagasi
  • Hadouken is not fire, it’s basically nothing

    King stupid 609King stupid 609Päev tagasi

    andy holgateandy holgatePäev tagasi
  • i am telling tesa

    Sean ChavezSean ChavezPäev tagasi
  • Fresh are you simp can es

    Kathy RappaKathy RappaPäev tagasi
  • Ask your dad before playing fortnite (lazarbeam)

    modern gamermodern gamerPäev tagasi

    shanee whyteshanee whytePäev tagasi
  • When is it dragon balls turn

    Adrian MigwiAdrian MigwiPäev tagasi
  • that skin is thick, but put on that skin and do the party hips emote, but don't tell tessa

    H5X_Baker904H5X_Baker904Päev tagasi
  • do party hips with the girl skin

    Cara FierroCara FierroPäev tagasi
  • Tekken on the ps2 and ps3

  • i used your code in the item shop

    Leelynn LewisLeelynn LewisPäev tagasi
  • It's hilarious that the hulk fists are normal size hands for Ryu.

    T0asty WaffleT0asty WafflePäev tagasi
  • At this point, fortnite ruind everything

    Baby BriggsBaby Briggs2 päeva tagasi
  • Her behind was like that in the video game

    Oliver Cohen-ButtOliver Cohen-Butt2 päeva tagasi
  • And sorry fresh

    Yvonne LivingstoneYvonne Livingstone2 päeva tagasi
  • The bridge bomber in the video it's me

    Yvonne LivingstoneYvonne Livingstone2 päeva tagasi
  • Let’s gooooo

    Piece crl CarlosPiece crl Carlos2 päeva tagasi
  • Ryu cant do Kamehameha.

    FoxerFoxer2 päeva tagasi
  • Fresh simping for a skin

    BrandoRando00BrandoRando002 päeva tagasi
  • Fresh: Chun-li is thicc Cammy: hold my beer

    FlakeFlake2 päeva tagasi
  • Chun-Li is sooo THICC!!

    XUnholyAngelXXUnholyAngelX2 päeva tagasi
  • S I M p

    Hi_ YTHi_ YT2 päeva tagasi
  • There should be a pick axe that is literally the fist of the skin your using

    Segun Gamer 120Segun Gamer 1202 päeva tagasi
  • Broooo I play the og tekan aswell fresh yooo.

    Abraham DanielAbraham Daniel2 päeva tagasi
  • yoo i love teken

    ibrahim babayeeibrahim babayee2 päeva tagasi
  • It is not haduken it is the 👊 punch shoyuken or the fire 🔥 ball hoduke no N ok love the vid 😁

    Jayden Ryu VergaraJayden Ryu Vergara2 päeva tagasi
  • My middle name is ryu

    Jayden Ryu VergaraJayden Ryu Vergara2 päeva tagasi
  • Fresh: LETS GO FIREFLIES THEY COUNT! Also fresh: Drops fireflies.

    The elite skull breakerThe elite skull breaker2 päeva tagasi
  • Watsup guyzzzz.....yessssssssss

    Neymar JrNeymar Jr2 päeva tagasi
  • 1 v1 me fresh you are so bad

    Zubair SarwarZubair Sarwar2 päeva tagasi
  • sry but it hadoken

    icey gamingicey gaming2 päeva tagasi
  • Hey fresh Do the Penny skin vs the Chun Li skin Battle for the tittle of Thickest skin

    Mohid ButtMohid Butt2 päeva tagasi
  • the thickness tho

    Alik TorchiloAlik Torchilo2 päeva tagasi
  • hi

    Ihteshaam NaseerIhteshaam Naseer2 päeva tagasi

    Jehad Hossam KasemJehad Hossam Kasem2 päeva tagasi
  • Not resources ryu

    Bounthan KhattiyaBounthan Khattiya2 päeva tagasi
  • is he saying hiduken? or the right way HA-LY-YU-KIN thats just how to pronounce not spell

  • Ryu should be fine in fire he’s used to take shoryukens from ken

    Sherif SolimanSherif Soliman2 päeva tagasi
  • Fresh: calls chun li thic Me: first time

    Joataro KujoJoataro Kujo2 päeva tagasi

    Mr. PigMr. Pig2 päeva tagasi
  • if you find my comment ur a legend and goood luck at life

    Nathaniel HammonsNathaniel Hammons2 päeva tagasi
  • claim your ticket here for reading my comment if you can find it

    Nathaniel HammonsNathaniel Hammons2 päeva tagasi

    Nine Tailed DefaultNine Tailed Default2 päeva tagasi
  • 11:35 BOX LIKE A FISH!!🤣🤣🤣

    Juan Paulo M. CarunchoJuan Paulo M. Caruncho2 päeva tagasi
  • i swear only u tubers get the gold glitch becuase i don't

    Awesome_Sawsome3Awesome_Sawsome32 päeva tagasi
  • and i pronounce it reyeyou

    Jack GallagherJack Gallagher2 päeva tagasi
  • 1:25 who else thinking he got massive feet

    Jack GallagherJack Gallagher2 päeva tagasi